The 23-year-old was said to be having a t_hreesome with his friend, Victor Fontenelle, and model Bianca Domingues in a hotel room on May 16, 2021.

According to a report by Pink News, someone knocked on the door of the hotel, prompting the trio to panic.

MC Kevin thought it was his wife, 33-year-old Deolane Bezerra, who was knocking at the door and tried to escape.

He reportedly rushed to the balcony and attempted to jump onto a terrace below but unfortunately missed.

The rapper fell five floors to his death, landing on the patio by the hotel’s swimming pool.

Rio de Janeiro police chief Antenor Júnior later revealed that tests proved the rapper had consumed excessive alcohol.

“We must point out that all testimonies report excessive consumption of alcohol and narcotic substances, illicit drugs,” he said.

“Extremely scared, worried about being caught cheating by his wife, he panicked and tried to go down to the floor below when he slipped, fell, and unfortunately died.”

MC Kevin died from head trauma and cerebral hemorrhage after hitting the ground.

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