Forty-two people have been charged after they were arrested in a raid on an LGBTI+ youth shelter in Kampala, Uganda.

The Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum said officers raided the Happy Family Youth shelter on Monday while a party was being held on the premises.

The 42 were charged with “negligent act likely to spread infection of disease” in reference to Covid-19, according to lawyer Adrian Jjuuko.

Their bail hearing was adjourned till Friday.

The lawyer said the investigating officers “performed anal examinations on them despite assuring us they would not”.

Mr Jjuuko says the current regulations allow up to 200 people and the party had way less than that.

The US embassy in Kampala said it was “following developments in the case closely”.

“No one should face arrests, violence or torture because of who they are or who they love,” wrote the embassy.

Same-sex relationships are illegal in Uganda with lawmakers last month passing a bill that further decriminalises homosexuality.

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