In news from Beliza, a country in central America, a female identified as Jasmine Hartin has confessed to the accidental shooting which resulted in the death of San Pedro Superintendent Henry Jemmott.

The 32-year-old socialite initially claimed that Jemmott was shot dead by an unknown assailant passing by on a boat.

She has since changed her plea, admitting guilt in what she said was the accidental death of the top cop.

According to reports, Hartin, who was denied bail on Monday, only changed her story when investigating officers told her she would also be charged with cocaine possession.

Police Commissioner Chester Williams told local reporters, it was at this juncture that she “provided a statement under caution.”

Hartin said she accidentally shot Jemmott while giving him a massage on the pier last Friday.

Relatives of the slain officer have questioned the veracity of the suspect’s claims, likening the incident to a planned assassination.

Hartin has been charged with manslaughter by negligence, which according to law enforcement officials, hardly ever results in a prison sentence.

Investigations are ongoing.

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