Brenda Nantongo, the deceased daughter of Uganda Works Minister Gen. Katumba Wamala, is set to be buried on Thursday in Kampala.

Brenda’s mother Catherine Katumba has also confirmed her 32-year old daughter’s body will be dressed in a gown as she looked forward to a wedding.

“I don’t usually speak at functions but I had committed to speak at Brenda’s wedding and she would say I would wear a gown of this make and she would say I don’t like a certain make and so we knew exactly what she would wear,” said Mrs. Wamala

“Let her wear the gown in a coffin, let us throw this wedding as her last celebration.”

Media reports further stated Brenda will be buried in a sleeveless and round-necked cream American satin gown with white pearls to the chest and a cocktail hat clipped to her hair.

Brenda was on Tuesday assassinated in a commando-like style by unknown people.

The incident happened when she was riding in the same car with her father and his bodyguard in a Kampala suburb.

His father’s official car, a Toyota Landcruiser bearing the official number for the Uganda Army, was sprayed with 56 bullets by assailants on two motorbikes, killing Brenda and Wamala’s driver.

Media reports indicate Wamala, a General in the retired army who took in two of those bullets but survived, was the main of the attack. He managed to survive because his daughter was sitting in the position he normally takes, behind the co-driver.

President Yoweri Museveni has criticized the incident and said he will work very hard to ensure the assailants, whom he referred to as ‘pigs’ are arrested.

The incident happened when the general and daughter were heading to his mother-in-law’s vigil.

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