A disgruntled woman approached the Harare Civil Court in Zimbabwe seeking a peace order against a woman who is allegedly assaulting her for having an illicit affair with his husband.

Blessings Nyamasvinga alleges that Kudakwashe Shereni is constantly beating her up and accusing her of snatching her husband.

On Thursday, June 3, Nyamasvinga told Magistrate Meenal Narotam that Shereni was giving her no peace at her home as she was frequently causing havoc at her home.

“I want Kuda to be stopped from coming to my house and assaulting me. She also follows me in public and attacks me because I am having an affair with her husband. She is giving me no peace at my place as she is coming and assaulting me,” complained Nyamasvinga.

“Recently she came to my house with a steel bar, broke my door, and destroyed my household property. Sometimes I will be forced to retaliate in self-defense. I have sustained a lot of injuries as a result of her assaults but have not filed a police report because I thought we would work things out as adults,” she added.

Ntamasvinga also told the court that Shereni scolds her using obscene words calling her a prostitute and a witch.

Shereni refuted the allegations and told the court that she only went to the plaintiff’s (Nyamasvinga) home looking for her husband.

“I went to her house following my husband whom she is having an affair with. I have never assaulted her but we have exchanged words on several occasions,” said Shereni.

“The reason why we ended up insulting each other is she will be staying with my husband at her place and I will be going to her place to get my husband back.”

Responding to Nyamasvinga’s claims that she broke her door, Shereni again refuted the claims while she only removed a chain placed on the door which Nyamasvinga used to lock the husband in the house.

“If this court grants her the peace order she is applying for, I am afraid that I may lose my husband”, added Shereni.

Delivering her ruling Magistrate Narotam granted the peace order and ordered Shereni to refrain from abusing Nyamasvinga in any way and live peacefully.

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