In a shocking incident, a man forced his wife to have sex with his two friends to settle his loan. Cuddalore police have now arrested the man and his two friends. The arrests have been made by Panruti All Women Police station.

The man, a resident of LR Palayam, had married 21-year-old Parvati (name changed) in 2018. The accused Madhusudan (name changed) is an alcohol addict and had no proper work for the last one year due to COVID-19 lockdown. The couple has a two-year-old son.

With no money left, Madhusudan borrowed money from his two friends Sundaramorthy (25) and Manikandan (26) on several occasions. As he was unable to repay the money, Madhusudan offered his friends to rape his wife instead, according to a report in New Indian Express.

Citing police sources, the report said that the man gave a pill to his wife telling her it was a vitamin tablet. After this, the woman fell unconscious and then her husband called one of his friends Sundaramorthy to rape his wife.

When the victim regained consciousness, she realised that she was violated and rebuked her husband.

Police said that on a separate occasion, the woman’s husband and his friend Manikandan came home drunk. Madhusudan allowed his friend to rape his wife when she was asleep.

Parvati woke up in horror and raised an alarm forcing Manikandam to flee. The woman then attacked her husband with a stick.

The woman then took her son and moved to her parent’s house after the incident. Parvati’s husband did not stop at this. He regularly visited his wife and told her to cooperate with his friends.

Parvati filed a complaint on Monday naming her husband and his two friends at All Women Police Station in Panruti. The three accused were arrested after a case was filed against them.

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