Actress Nadia Buari has joined the long queue of people in a dilemma wondering why God didn’t kill Satan at that instant but rather killed his son for our sins.

Nadia Buari shared a meme on her InstaStory story asking why God killed his only son Jesus Christ for our sins instead of killing Satan saying the story isn’t clear and there might be more to it than we know or have learned about.

This question has been on the mind of a lot of people and Nadia Buari isn’t the only person wondering why God in His infinite mercy and wisdom didn’t kill Satan instead of killing his only son for our sins and that makes the story not clear and incomplete.

In most cases, some people conclude that killing His only son gives us humans eternal life therefore if He had killed Satan then He would have been required to kill every other person who commits any sinful act just as he killed Satan if that had happened in the beginning.

We as mere mortals can’t understand God in any way therefore Nadia Buari and all of us who are wondering and in a dilemma over why God didn’t kill Satan but rather killed His only son for our sins just have to understand that we can’t know everything about God.

This might just be a meme posted by Nadia Buari but it draws our attention to the love God has for us to kill his son for our sins when He could have just killed Satan at that moment and making everything new and pure back again.

Screenshot below;

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