Officials at Lilongwe City Council have denied permission to primary school teachers under the IPTE-14 cohort to hold vigils at parliament today.

The teachers were expected to hold vigils at the august house to force government to recruit them.

But according to a letter signed by John Chome, Executive Director of Lilongwe City Council, the teachers’ plans to hold the vigils at parliament have been foiled.

Among the reasons that the council has given are that the teachers had failed to hold vigils on the earlier date of 14 June, when they were granted a go ahead.

Besides, the council has also said that a previous vigil by another cohort of teaches under IPTE-13 went out control as per unruly behavior displayed by the protesters on 14th June.

The council also says police has notified said that its officers will be engaged in other businesses therefore cannot provide security during the vigils.

Meanwhile, Antony Ngwira, Vice Chairperson for IPTE-14 taskforce has that they will be exploring other avenues to have government address their issue.

However, Ngwira has said that in the meantime, the matter has been left in the hands of the parliamentary committee on education.


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