A man in Pakistan allegedly murdered his wife, chopped her body into several pieces and burned them in a tandoor.

The man was reportedly upset after his daughter took some money from his shop without his permission. He had a fight with his wife over the same issue and when the argument escalated, the man allegedly killed her.

The accused was identified as Muhammad Sharif. A resident of Cheela Wahan in Kahror Pakka tehsil, Sharif owns a shop in the nearby area. He got married to Ishrat around 12 years ago.

Around two days before the incident, Sharif’s daughter Halima Sadia took some money from his shop without his permission as she wanted to eat something. Sharif flew into a rage when he learned about the incident and had an argument with Ishrat.

On June 14, when Sharif’s three kids returned home from a seminary, he sent them to their maternal house, alleging that Ishrat was sick, The Express Tribune reported. Following this, the accused allegedly slashed Ishrat’s neck with an ice pick when she was sitting on a bed. Unable to carry the body, the accused allegedly chopped it into pieces with an axe and incinerated them in a tandoor. He threw the charred pieces in a nearby canal.

Meanwhile, some of the neighbours heard Ishrat’s screams and rushed to her house. When the two men – Abdul Aziz and Hafiz Muhammad Hanif confronted Sharif, he allegedly said, “This is my domestic matter.” The neighbours then contacted Ishrat’s father Meraj Khalid who rushed to the house and questioned the accused. He told the deceased woman’s father that she had left the house.

The woman’s father then called for a panchayat of the community for tracing Ishrat. When the accused was unable to give a proper satisfactory reply, the police was called and it took him into custody. During interrogation, the accused confessed to the crime.

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