The second grade Magistrate court in Lilongwe has set 19 July as the day it will give it’s ruling onto whether Willard Mulolo who assaulted a woman Elufe Gidion early this March this year has a case to answer or not.

It is believed that Mr Mulolo beat Up Elufe and injured her in the eye when she refused to give him space to enter his house gate with his car.

According Magistrate Tawonga Muwalo who is presiding over the case the court has given 21 days to the defence team for them to organize there submissions and when this period elapses the court will reconvene and give it’s ruling on the matter.

The state has so far paraded one and last witness who gave testimony before the court.

Speaking after the adjournment Politician and Womanist Jessy Kabwila who is also representing the Liwu La mzika hailed court’s speedy handling of the case.

Kabwila then said as women activists they will fight hard in order to see to it that Justice has been done.

Meanwhile Lawyer representing the accused Mwayi Banda said he has hope that his client will be acquitted citing that evidence that has been brought forward by the state does not carry enough wait.

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