A no nonsense woman turned a prayer ground into a battlefield after she turned on a pastor who was laying hands on people in the name of deliverance.

In a viral video making rounds social media, a pastor is seen walking around touching people on the forehead as he prays for them.

The woman was lined together with other people waiting for her turned to prayed by the alleged pastor.

When her turn came, she flipped on the pastor and moved the other way, this prompted the pastor to make her his focus as he is seen following the woman determined to pray for her.

The more he tried to reach the woman, she kept dodging his hand and the pastor is head saying “fire! Fire! I fire you!”

When the woman saw that the pastor is no near letting her go, she started punching the pastor, sending a strong message that she do not want to be touched.

The pastor did not relent , luckily the aide for the pastor came in before the scene turn uglier.

Watch the video below….

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