By Robert Kumwenda

The Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has said that more people are shunning reporting issues about cases about sexual harassment in work places for fear of losing their jobs.

She said this Monday during the media training of journalists on sexual harassment in Blantyre.

Chikondi Chijozi who is a Child Rights Directorate at MHRC said sexual harassment is a contentious issue because it affects everyone.

She added most people do not come forward to report about these issues for fear of losing their jobs.

Chijozi said if one is sexually harassed she lose confidence, self esteem, withdraw from social situations, feel stressed and depressed just to mention a few.

“When one is sexually harassed  he need s to keeps a diary, find out about the policies of the company or organization they are working and ask advice from a friend saying that this is important because it is used as evidence,” she said.

She said by June they have received over 900 cases of sexual harassment and they want to find out where the problem is and how best can they address it.

Chijozi said there are several factors like abuse of power, poverty and social norms saying that most people do not feel comfortable to talk about what happened to them for fear of losing jobs.

If one is found guilty he or she is fined K1 million or face imprisonment for five years.

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