The British government says late Kenneth Kaunda leaves an exemplary legacy as a unifier and mediator who worked hard to bring peace and unity in Zambia and Africa using his humanitarian approach.

British Minister for Africa James Duddridge says Dr. Kaunda’s humanitarian approach brought countries together which was evidenced by the formation of many organizations including the African Union and Commonwealth where he contributed greatly.

He said this when he visited the First Republican President’s funeral house at where he also signed the book of condolences.

“Using his humanitarian approach he was able to bring everyone together and form these organizations and his contribution was central in creating these organizations” he said.

He said Zambia and Britain can emulate Dr. Kaunda’s exemplary life and challenge themselves and do better in strengthening ties in taking the relationship between the two nations forward.

And British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Woolley said Dr. Kaunda will be remembered as a mediator who helped countries put their differences aside and come up with resolutions.

Mr. Woolley cited the incident in which Dr. Kaunda negotiated for the release of British National Daphne Parish who was arrested in Iraq in 1989 in Iraq as an example of Dr. Kaunda’s life as a trusted partner and mediator.

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