A Zimbabwean couple has revealed that some years ago, it forced its son to chew off his mother’s finger and swallow it as part of money-spinning rituals

The couple also revealed that this was done in their pursuit to acquire quick riches and this has caused their 17-year-old child’s mental illness.

Thomas Mashingaidze and Enesi Mutendadzamera made the spine-chilling confessions last week on Saturday when they appeared before Chief Saurombe’s court, The Manica Post reports.

They were facing charges of defiling the area by engaging in ritual practices. The two accused each other of being the brains behind the child’s suffering.

The court heard that five years ago, the couple’s son (name withheld) was forced to chew off his mother’s finger and swallow it as part of money-spinning rituals.

The couple has business interests and properties in Chimanimani, Beatrice, Harare, Norton, Nyanyadzi and Nhedziwa.

The couple had become the envy of town due to their lavish lifestyle until Mashingaidze started dating and marrying other women.

The heartbroken Mutendadzamera could not stomach the betrayal and let the cat out of the bag on how they were using black magic to acquire their wealth.

Mashingaidze has since moved to Beatrice due to the humiliation brought about by the expose’.

The couple’s son and Mutendadzamera’s father are expected to be in attendance when Chief Saurombe hands down his verdict on July 27.


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