Two Egyptian brothers have been arrested for pouring gasoline on their friend’s father and setting him on fire, which led to his death, to punish their friend who refused to return money he had borrowed.

According to local media, the crime occurred in Kafr Al Sheikh, north of Cairo, as a result of a financial dispute between the two siblings and their friend. Prior to the crime, the brothers asked their friend several times to return the amount he borrowed from them but he refused frequently.

On the day of the crime, the brothers went to their friend’s home, but he was not there. They engaged in a heated argument with the victim before pouring gasoline on him, and setting him on fire.

The suspects, who were found to have criminal records, were shortly arrested by security services. They confessed to the crime and were referred to the Public Prosecutor’s office for further investigation.

Meanwhile, legal action will be taken against the victim’s son for posting a video of the incident on social media. The video clip was later removed by authorities.

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