Minister of Homeland Security, Richard Chimwendo Banda and Inspector General of Police, George Kainja are meeting representatives of Kabaza (motorcycle taxi) operators at Police headquarters in Lilongwe.
The meeting comes a day before the law enforcers release about 5000 motorcycles which were confiscated across the country.
Kainja says Police confiscated about 20,000 motorcycles across the country but most of them were claimed back by the owners after complying with the requirements.
He has indicated that currently, there are 7,821 motorcycles in Police custody across the country.
He says some of the confiscated motorcycles were unregistered and the operators had violated other road rules.
Kainja  explained that every motorcycle on the road has to be registered.
The operator must not carry more than one passenger, and  also   to have a helmet for both the operator and passenger.
Lastly the operator must  have a driver’s license.
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