A 13-year-old girl from Mombasa was forced to undergo three abortions after she was defiled by her own biological father Benard Anjera Manyasi for three years.

Manyasi impregnated his daughter three times and procured abortions for her, one time terminating an unborn baby at 5 months of pregnancy.

The minor reveals that her abusive father started defiling her when she was 11 years old as her mother was away at work only returning home late.

In a court testimony in Mombasa law court, the 13-year-old narrated how her father took advantage of his mother’s absence to defile her almost daily.

“My mother used to work at a hotel within the town and would come back home very late after her night shifts so l would cook, clean, and feed my younger brother. We used to sleep on the floor, while my parents slept in bed. At night my father would remove the mosquito net, sleep next to me and start caressing me. I would resist and whenever he noticed my brother was awake, he would pretend that he was going for a short call,” the minor told Mombasa court.

The girl said the first time her father raped her he sent her brother to the shop, closed the door, and defiled her.

The incident marked the beginning of a dark chapter in her life.

“After the incident, I told my mother what had happened. My mother confronted my father who denied claiming l was lying and they both beat me,” said the minor.

Manyasi routinely defiled his daughter on diverse dates between January 1st, 2017, and July 16th, 2019 at Kaa chonjo area in Mvita sub-county within Mombasa County, according to court documents.

The minor told the Mombasa court that she had gotten used to the defilement that she thought every girl goes through a similar ordeal.

“I had gotten used to the rape ordeals, that l was now cooperating with him. However around 2018, l asked my friend if his father was having sex with him since my father always had his ways with me,” said the girl.

Things took a different turn when Manyasi impregnated his daughter for the third time, the baby bump grew big and people noticed.

Pamela Andungosi, the headteacher at Mary Cliff Primary school, noticed the girl was always in a sweater in a bid to hide her pregnancy. She called her to her office where the girl gathered courage and revealed the truth.

The girl’s parents noticed her baby bump and asked her to stay at home for two weeks without going to school before they procured an abortion for her at five months of pregnancy.

“I was taken to the same clinic. The same doctor, this time, performed a different procedure that was more painful. In the evening l was asked to go back home and wait for the fetus to come out. I got into labor pains. At night my mother would insert a cooking stick in my mouth to assist me to push the baby while l sat in a basin. After over four hours, the fetus came out. My parents wrapped it in a polythene paper bag. l don’t know where it was taken to since l fainted,” the girl told the Mombasa court.

The headteacher noticed the girl was no longer pregnant and she ultimately reported the matter to Makupa Police station.

Manyasi was arrested and charged with defilement and incest.

He however denied the charges and was released on a Ksh 100,000 cash bail.

The abusive father threatened the girl with dire consequences if she didn’t make a false statement to absolve him from any wrongdoings.

“While my father was being held at Shimo La Tewa Gk prison, they kept on taunting me that l had sent the only breadwinner to prison. My older brother and aunty were invited to talk to me to request me to lie that the headteacher had asked me to frame my father,” said the girl.

The minor also told the Mombasa court that her father is not the first person who defiled her.

She revealed that she was first defiled at the age of six by her immediate neighbor, but the matter was later withdrawn from court after her mother agreed on an out-of-court settlement.

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