Popular Ghanaian Prophet has gone into hiding after his prophecy regarding the Euro 2020 cup tumble on a rock.

The Prophet, who goes by the name Emmanuel Kobi Badu during Sunday service on July 11, prophesied that England which was facing Italy in the finals will take the cup home.

According to the prophet, it was the revelation from God that England will carry the day.

“Today, England will beat Italy, I will say it again, that is the work of a prophet, he say what God say. You hear what I said? I say England, I have seen it on blue screen.” he said

However, at the end of 90 minutes and additional time, Italy defeated England making his prophecy dull.

Meanwhile it is reported that the prophet is no where to be seen.

When a man speaks of his mind, shame follows him. When you have nothing to say, folks, learn to zip your mouths.

Watch the prophecy video below…

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