Versatile Malawian, South African-based pastor Hastings Salanje of God’s Chapel international has poked the spirit of calm Malawians following his announcement that he will become president for the warm heart of Africa from 2030 to 2040.

Writing on his official Facebook page addressing himself as His Excellency which is the presidential title in most countries, Salanje said his government will be comprised of young people.

According to Salanje, Malawians are tired of recycled politicians who do nothing in as far as developing the country is concentrated.

“In 2030 we will have a Government of young ones, we are tired of recycled politicians who don’t bring the change we want,” Salanje said.

he added; This will be the Government of young Malawians with new brain to change Malawi.”

Salanje revealed that after serving God abroad he will come back to Malawi to serve people of this country.

Reacting to Salanje’s remarks, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Councilor Leonard Chimbanga said Malawians have lost faith and trust in pastors saying the current has not helped Malawi, referring to President Lazarus Chakwera who is also a pastor.

One Frazer Hau Jr. said “pastors are not made to join politics , stay where you are. azibusa adyera ngati Chakwera.”

Another one Rodney Willy Matwanje Mandala added “we have already tried a pastor and has failed with a distinction. no chance for you sir.”

Usher Kays  “Chakwera a church clergy has discouraged us Malawians In trust any so called Man of God to lead us so how do we trust Pastor Salanje to be our other leader from the church again???????Am not against you Sir don’t get me wrong!I have also love your Ministry ever even in my car from 2003 to 2007 had always played your inspiring music which I miss so much now.”

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