ZAMBIA – “It’s against our church doctrine but we will do just that”.

Peggy Nchimunya Malambo and Percy Chipego Malambo are twins that have humbled even the most intelligent male student of Indian origin at UNZA’s Ridgway Compus.

He remarked about them; “Even in Mombai my home town, i have never met intelligent young women as these….”

However, Pegy and Pecy have shocked the people of their home town Choma in Nshampande. Last week they shocking told their pastor that they will only get married to the same man when the time to get married comes.

“We are more than twin sisters. We are like one person. What my friend like i also like it and what she doesn’t like i equally despise. So we will get married to the same man for he will be loved by both of us. We know it’s against our church doctrine but there is nothing we will do, he will have to marry both of us!” said Dr Nchimunya and Chipego.

Credit: UNZA TV


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