Popular Uganda comedienne Anne Kansiime has challenged that no woman can have the guts to take her husband away from her.

Kansiime, dubbed Africa’s queen of comedy said this following a question posed by her Facebook follower and fan.

According to the fan, a lot of Ugandan women are seemingly to have been eyeing on Kansiime’s would be husband Abraham Tukahiirwa alias Skylanta.

The fan continued that there are fears that Skylanta might slip into the arms of those that are crushing on him, hence asking the queen of comedy how she deals with the situation.

Responding to the question, Kansiime openly said that besides her, her man does not find any other woman attractive.

She averred that any woman who will slid into Skylanta’s inbox on social media trying to woo him is doing it her own loss because it will amount to nothing.

The response by Kansiime attracted different opinions from her followers of which some accused her of being over confident and advised her of not trusting her man too much.

“Kansiime Anne, don’t be too confident. Your words can destroy you. Just pray for your man, you think you are special? Talk to women whose husband have left them for someone else…The story is always the same, they didn’t expect it..so my dear…just pray about it, don’t brag that he can’t leave you” Facebook user Natasha Ngaku commented.

However some were amazed by Kansiime’s response and applauded he r for that saying such confidence is what every woman must have.

Jamirah Hindu said “You should leave Kansiime Anne to love her man in peace, if she claims that no woman can snatch her husband from her I believe she has a strong reason behind it so leave the couple to love. And some of you ladies here claiming that Skylanta is not a husband “to you he is not but to her, he means a world that you can give her neither get from your so called husbands.”
Kansiime and her man who just proposed have a child together.
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