State House has backed President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for appointing his daughter as third Secretary in the officer of Malawi’s Ambassador in Brussels.

A week ago President Chakwera appointed Violet Chakwera Mwasinga as third Secretary.

The appointment attracted mixed reactions with many accusing Chakwera of being nepotistic, the thing he used to condemn when he was leader of opposition.

But speaking during weekly press, State House Press officer Brian Banda attacked those criticizing Chakwera on the matter.

According to Banda, the President’s daughter is qualified and capable therefore there is nothing wrong with her being appointed to the position.

“She is qualified and capable to do the job. The only sin is that she is the president’s daughter. That is unfair and worrisome,” said Banda.

Banda further said that being President’s daughter does not stop her from holding a public office since being President’s daughter is not a crime.

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