You might have heard stories about Tibet, the world’s highest highland, where the native have developed better genes to adapt to its severe environment.

Not only different in gene, but they also have many rituals and traditions that totally shock the outside world.

However, many find it interesting to get to know about its abnormality. One example of this abnormality is the marriage rituals here.

Credit: Evgeny Nelmin | Unsplash
Credit: Evgeny Nelmin | Unsplash

If many other countries see virginity is something noble and priceless, people of this tribe from Tibet have the absolute opposite idea. They think that a girl before getting married has to look for and sleep with at least 20 different men to accumulate sexual experience.

Besides, there is a notion that the man that marries a virgin is no good or bad luck for the family. The men’s sole purpose when getting a wife is to nurture their gene, so virgin or not does not matter.

Credit: Leo Sagala | Unsplash
Credit: Leo Sagala | Unsplash

The bride is the person chosen by the groom’s parents and she is most of the time of the same class as her future husband’s family. Neither satisfied with the man nor not does she have no voice about the marriage because it was taboo. Therefore, she has to nod to any first proposal given though he might not be the one she loves.

Also according to traditions, any girl has to be experienced in bed before getting married and that girl is only attractive when she catches the attention of many men.

And, that finding 20 men and sleeping with them is the most convincing act. Only doing that, she is looked up to and able to show her worth. Aside from that, this brings her experience that supports her in pregnancy and other family matters.

After each night spent with a man, the woman will ask for a souvenir such as earings or bracelets to prove with the village patriarchs that she’s done “it”. A collection of 20 souvenirs will confirm her ability to be a good wife. Hence, she’s ready to be married.

This reality in Tibet puts so much pressure on young women while also posing serious sexual diseases among people of the same tribes.

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