A man in Uganda is reported to have fled from his matrimonial home in Lira City soon after his wife gave birth to triplets.

Nelson Oculu, 50, reportedly vanished from his home in Anai-Okii cell, Anai ward in Lira City West Division on Tuesday after receiving the news that his wife had given birth to three babies, all boys.

Ms Catherine Akello, 42, said that when she returned from Lira Regional Referral Hospital on Wednesday with her three bouncing babies, she found the door locked with a new padlock.

She quickly sensed that there was a problem.

“When I reached home I found the door was already locked. This time, it was not the usual padlock. It was a different one! My husband was not at home and when he came back he couldn’t allow us to enter the house and he did not want to listen to anyone either,” Ms Akello told Daily Monitor on Thursday.

At this point, her brother-in-law Mr Kenneth Kolo, who had earlier picked her from the hospital, offered to give her accommodation for the night.

“I did not take the offer since the place was quite far and I was already exhausted after giving birth,” she said.

The couple which has been together for 20 years now, already had four children, at the birth of the new set of triplets, with the first born being twins: Fiona Apio and Pasquelli Ocen now aged 19.

Mr Kolo said it was not the first time his brother was giving his relatives a headache. “He made his first wife suffer until the woman left,” he said.

Ms Judith Acio, a neighbour who is currently hosting the nursing mother, said: “I was so touched when I went to her home and found her seated in the cold. So, I decided to accommodate them.”

Mr Denis Ogweng, the LC1 chairman of Anai-Okii, said he did not know that such a heartless man was living in his area of jurisdiction.

“I only know the woman because the man does not stay at home. At the moment, there is no serious action that we can take since it’s already a police case,” Mr Ogweng said.

When contacted, the North Kyoga regional police spokesperson, Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema, said he was not aware of the matter, according to Daily Monitor.

But unconfirmed reports indicate that the run-away husband was arrested from their ancestral home in Alito Sub County in Kole District.

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