Socialite Grand P Moves On 3 hours After Being Dumped For Cheating


Ivory Coast Socialite Eudoxie Yao has gone viral over her decision to break up with Guinea Billionaire Grand P.

The decision comes over after allegations of Grand P Cheating on her.

This sounds strange to most people.

There are no specific reasons why Eudoxie Yao Dated Grand P.

It was previously claimed that Eudoxie dated Grand P because of money.

She later dismissed the allegations and said that he has not received any money from the man.

The Socialite is also rich and was not expecting money from him.

As indicated by the public news, the man is suffering from Progeria disease.

This is a disease known to children aging rapidly.

The genetic disease has been researched not to be inherited but rather as a result of mutation of genes.

The researchers show that the LaminA protein in the body is defected causing the nucleus of the cells to be unstable.

There is no known cure for this disease.

Only monitoring of heart and blood pressure is required to ensure the body is working well.

Despite the Grand P suffering from the syndrome, Eudoxie had trusted him without judging his physique

It came heartbreakingly to her to learn that he was moving along with different ladies.

She could not hold being with him any longer but decided to come public about the issue.

Three hours later Grand P was spotted publicly with a new lover.

This move has brought more questions than answers.

The above picture looks like his new girlfriend even though he hasn’t announced this to anyone.

But this picture was posted on Grand P’s social media.

It’s really rare to find a married man posting another woman like that.

Some are happy that his marriage ended and some are really not happy for him.

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