President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has started his official duties in London, commencing with a meeting at Westminster, with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Malawi.

State House Press Office says during the meeting Dr Chakwera has articulated the pillars of Malawi 2063 and how his agenda to create wealth for the citizenry, jobs and food security can be supported.

The Malawi leader has also highlighted the opportunities for accelerating various goals through investments in green economics, energy, trade, mining, agriculture, industry, infrastructure and governance.

The interaction’s moderator, Patrick Grady, expressed delight to see President Chakwera back at Westminster, having last seen him when he visited as Malawi’s Leader of Opposition.

According to the President’s itinerary on Wednesday, he is expected to have an interview with the BBC in a Hard Talk Programme.

The President is currently in United Kingdom where he will be attending the Global Education Summit.

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