Mostly it is the MG1 who confronts women going out with her husband and warn them t0 stay away from him.

But in this case, a brave side chick turned the table as she boldly went to the office of the wife of a married man she was going out with to stay away from her man.

The lady who shared the news by herself, said she was in total shock as she did not expect to be challenged that way.

” I have never been humiliated in my entire life like this. My husband’s side chick came to my office today and warned me to stay away from her man,” wrote the hurting lady.

Adding that the embarrassment she went through made her wish that the earth could open and swallow her alive as the side chick continued that her husband told her that she married her out of pity.

“She said my husband told her that he married me out of pity, that my mum and I begged him to marry me. That he’s tired of the relationship and he has given me divorce papers but I refused to sign,” she said.

According to the wife, her husband had been telling his side chick that the last time they made love is 8 months ago of which the lady refuted saying they make love each and every night.

Meanwhile, the man has left his home and is no where to be seen as his wife is patiently waiting for him to return and ask him of what the side chick said.

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