Somewhere in the world a man is willing to give up his family for his side chic saying his marriage is not a serious one.

South African Twitter user, @danielmarven has got people laughing after taking to the timeline to share one very saucy convo between a married man and his potential side piece.

The risky fella says he’s willing to give up his family for a chance with the pretty lady.

@danielmarven shared screenshots of the ridiculous conversation. “I love South Africa,” he humorously captioned the post.

In the chat, our saucy lady sends a suggestive pic to her fella. The brave Casanova responds by saying he’d leave his wife and child for her any day.

The irresponsible man even says he’ll sacrifice the baby’s bottle milk just to make sure she has nice things.

Social media users were definitely shocked by the exchange.

Check out some of the comments below:

@lcoma1 said: “He must be mad! Even own kids on the stake.”

@cher_baebae said: “My marriage is the one that’s not serious… I am not okay after reading this convo Habe!!!!!!!!!!”

@DonaldMbhiza said: “Yoooh some people.”

@_Mahlatse89 said: “Things “we as men” say when we want to smash.”

@KSomething10 said: “He knew all he had to do is mention money so that he can get her attention. Fellas stop chasing women, chase money and watch these girls dance to your tune.”

@vhapasa said: “Golddigger that one.”


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