Information confided to FaceofMalawi from the highly placed sources in the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) has revealed that two Malawian soldiers deployed to a peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have their contracts terminated after being caught having sex in a tent.

It is reported the two (names withheld) are married back home.

According to the sources, the two could not beat their sexual curiosity before using their makeshift sleeping tents as hotel rooms.

While amidst their funny business, some soldiers at the camp became suspicious of the strange noise coming out of the tent.

“When one soldier entered the tent, they found the two getting frisky and reported the matter to the authorities who have immediately asked the two to pack their belongings ready for their next flight back home,” said the source.

“They were not sent for the peace-keeping mission as husband and wife, rather as soldiers to help in the mission thus having sex at war is gross misconduct. Soldiers ought to be disciplined at all times,” added the source.

Meanwhile, the MDF is yet to confirm the development.

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