Brazil – A 15 year-old girl has died while having intercourse with a 26-year-old man.

The teenager identified as Gabrielly Dickson from Sao Paolo died of a heart attack during the act inside the man’s car, according to police.

Gabrielly Dickson died Sunday night after admission to the UPA Jardim Casquiero medical facility in Cubatão, São Paulo.

The man told the police that he and Dickson were having s€$ual intercourse in his car when she fainted, according to online news site G1.

Dickson’s lips and skin turned pale and her hands twisted back.

The man rushed the unconscious teen to the hospital, where doctors attempted to revive her.

Dickson was declared dead at 1:20am local time.

According to the State Department of Public Security, nurses who treated Dickson found blood in her v@gin@.

The Military Police visited the hospital after learning that the teenage girl had been beaten, but the nurses rules out signs of violence.

G1 reported that Dickson’s family said it was not aware of her relationship with the the man and was not sure if she was suffering of any illnesses.

The age of consent in Brazil is 14, and the man who was making love with Dickson at the time of her death has not been charged with any crime.

A local medical examiner is expected to reveal Dickson’s cause of death Monday.

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