The family of publishing mogul Richard Robinson Jr. says they’re shocked after he decided to leave his $1.2 billion company and personal possessions to a lover, while his two sons, ex-wife and siblings got absolutely nothing from his estate.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Robinson Jr., the owner of Scholastic Corp., which published memorable children’s books such as Harry Potter, left his empire to 54-year-old Iole Lucchese.

In addition to having been his romantic partner, she has worked in the company for 30 years.

Robinson Jr. died suddenly in June while out on a walk in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts in June 2021, at the age of 84.

He is survived by his two sons – Maurice ‘Reece’ Robinson (25) and John Benham Robinson (34), Helen Benham, who’s his ex-wife and the mother of Robinson’s children and his siblings Sue Robinson Morrill, Barbara Robinson Buckland, Florence Robinson Ford and William (Bill) Robinson.

The Wall Street Journal further reported that the immediate family of Richard Robinson Jr. is now considering taking legal action over the matter and there’s also the possibility of cutting a deal with Lucchese to transfer some Scholastic voting shares to family members or to ensure they get a greater share of the estate.

William Robinson, the late tycoon’s younger brother, said in an interview that his brother and father wanted to keep Scholastic independent.

“Our family value was we’d rather not have the financial benefit that we might get from a sale if it means the company won’t be in the future what it was. Everybody knows Scholastic and has a good feeling about it and it does good things for teachers. It’s more than just a business for us,” he said.

While his former wife, whom he divorced in 2003, told the publication that she lived and breathed Scholastic while also raising their children.

‘Dick told me on more than one occasion, “You care more about Scholastic than I do.,”‘ she said.

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