There are tensions at Likuni boys primary school as pupils are protesting against a decision by the School Committee, which planned to send back home pupils who have failed to pay a development fee of K1200.

According to one of the teachers at the school, the School committee is implementing a project where they want to construct a school block.

She says, the school committee, parents and school management met and agreed that each pupil pay a sum of k1200 for the block’s construction.

She however, said that some pupils failed to pay the amount and today the school committee Chair came and announced that all pupils who failed to pay the amount should not sit for their second term exams and this angered the pupils who later started breaking school items.

Items such as plastic chairs, buckets used for hand washing, tables, etc have been broken.

The pupils have also smashed windows for a car belonging to the School’s head teacher and windows on the head teachers office.

Exam papers and books have been stolen from the office of the headteacher.

The headteacher and teachers have fled the school while the School committee Chair has fled the school with an injury on the head.

The pupils are currently breaking glasses while chanting songs “Sitiimva”.


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