PDF or Portable Document Format is a text format created by Adobe Systems. It is known to be useful when transferring documents from one to another. The primary reason for creating this text format is for the easier way of transferring a file despite the different software that the person has. 

PDF offers a variety of functions. Some may not know, but you can actually edit a PDF file. The very reason people are using it is that once you save it you cannot edit it, and the document you made will remain how you format it. But since PDF is created by Adobe Systems, if you want to edit your pdf file, you need to install their system called Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is like another version of Microsoft Word, but from another developer where you can also freely edit it. 

Another function that a PDF file offers is its ability to protect your file. Sometimes we are doing an exclusive project that no one should see, how can we be sure that no one will open your file except you? That is why we opt to put a password into our works, to make sure that nobody can really open it. Secured PDF is a must when we want to keep our works private. But in this scenario, we forgot our password, worry no more! GogoPDF got you covered! This website will show you how to unlock PDF.


GogoPDF is a go-to website when you want to format your PDF. It offers a variety of functions including converting word to pdf, formatting the file — compressing, modifying text and images, unlocking password-protected files. 

GogoPDF aims to provide quality service for those people who need help with their PDF files. This type of tool can be very useful for students, corporate personnel, or anyone who is always using documents for their projects and assignments. Besides its incredible feature, it is also mobile-responsive, which makes it more convenient.

In the event when you happen to forget your password, GogoPDF is the website for you. Decrypting PDF files is one of its key functions. Proven and tested by its previous user, the performance of this website in decrypting your file is excellent, plus, you can use this feature absolutely for free.

How to Unlock PDF Using GogoPDF

To unlock your file, just follow the few steps below. The easy and unchallenging step by step decrypting of your PDF will surely remove your worry about not being able to open your file again. Be at ease and let GogoPDF do its work!

  1. Go to the GogoPDF website.
  2. Once open, you will see a lot of features they offer, including file conversion, compression, file editor, etc. Look specifically for “Unlock PDF”.
  3. After clicking “Unlock PDF”, the website will now prompt you on the page where you will see “Select a File”.
  4. Click “Select a File” then choose the file you want to unlock from your computer. You can also just drag and drop your file from your computer into the box present on the website.
  5. After this, wait a few seconds. GogoPDF is now removing the encryption from your file.
  6. Wait for the process to be finished.
  7. Once done, you can now download the decrypted file and save it on your computer.

These simple steps will surely help you in case you forgot your password. GogoPDF does not have complicated procedures to do the feature it offers. In just a few clicks your file will be ready. 

Try GogoPDF now!

GogoPDF will save you the time to remove the encryption from your secured PDF. No need for installation, all you need is an internet connection, your mobile, computer, or laptop and then you are all set. Besides saving your time, it will also save you money. Unlike other websites that offer the same feature, you can freely use the different features from GogoPDF with the same value as those websites that require payment before using their service. By exploring their website, you will notice more of the services they offer. You will see how useful it is, especially for future use. Try it out for all your PDF needs!

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