Gogo Catherine Chipala could not believe her eyes when she received a well renovated house and some assorted items from Pakachere Charity Relief Organization (PACRO) on Saturday 07, 2021 in Makheta, Blantyre.

The handover ceremony was held in the presence of Senior Group Village Headman Chinupule 1, Group Village Headman Kachere and PACRO Patron Alex Chimwala who is also Aspiring Member of Parliament for Blantyre Kabula under the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Chimwala and Chief Chinupule 1

Speaking after receiving the house gogo Chipala hailed Chimwala and PACRO for the house.

“In my life I have never thought I will have such a house and all I can say is thank Mr. Chimwala for everything you are doing to me and may the almighty God give you long life,” she said.

PACRO Patron Alex Chimwala

On his part Chimwala said PACRO thought of renovating the house for the granny after seeing how dilapidated the house was.

“Our granny, gogo Chipala, we saw how she was suffering since she was living in a dilapidated house so we decided to renovate the house that it should be improved to the standard that she can live in,” said Chimwala.

Chimwala hinted that PACRO’s main objective is to care for the elderly, handicapped and under-privileged people across Blantyre.

Gogo Catherine Chipala

He then urged the Tonse Alliance under President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to do something in protecting the elderly in the country.

“In the past we used to have Silver Grey Foundation which was looking after the elderly and I wish that initiative should be revived because our elderly in the country are suffering. They are called wizards and witches just because they have grown old,” he added.

On her part, Chief Chinupule 1 hailed PACRO for the house and urged other well-wishers to emulate PACRO’s gesture.

PACRO has spent over MK250,000 in renovating the house.

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