In Kenya, a man from Ogilgei area in Kuresoi North Constituency, Nakuru County, has handed his wife to police officers for faking a pregnancy and later buying a baby to pretend she had given birth.

The 31-year-old Wesley Rono told a local TV that at first, he was excited about the pregnancy report only to discover later that she was faking it.

However, he chose to buy time to see how she plays it out to the end.

The couple had stayed in the marriage for five years without siring a child.

According to Rono, his wife Patricia has been stuffing clothes on her stomach to cheat him that she was expectant.

He says he gave her money to visit clinics whenever she requested despite knowing that she wasn’t pregnant.

“She used to say she is going for pregnancy check-up in Kericho. I gave her money every time she needed it. I discovered that she was stashing clothes on her stomach but chose to play along like a fool to see the end motive,” Rono said.

After nine months of her fake pregnancy, Patricia requested her husband money to go and give birth at Kericho Hospital on August 8.

Rono says she gave her the money and after a few hours she informed him that she had given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

She told him that she will be passing by her paternal home in Londiani, Kipkelion East Constituency to recuperate before joining him at their matrimonial home after full recovery.

The husband says Partrica came back home with a baby, four days later.

“After four days, I came home in the evening and found her with a child. I questioned her whether the child was born recently as she claimed. I faced her and asked whether she knew what she had done is a criminal offence,” Rono narrated.

The husband says his wife was breastfeeding the child with cow milk, a clear indicator that she had not given birth.

After further interrogation, she accepted that she had bought the child prompting Rono to call police.

Patricia explained that she committed the offence to save her marriage that risked ending because of her inability to conceive.

She said she bought the child from the nearby village for Ksh 2650 plus tea seedlings.

The woman wanted Ksh50,000 but she was unable to raise the amount hence they exchanged with tea seedlings worth the amount.

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