Afghanistan’s first Vice President Amrullah Saleh has taken over responsibilities of his boss Ashraf Ghani following the takeover by the Taliban.

Ghani fled the country on Sunday and Taliban fighters have since occupied the presidential palace in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.

Through a tweet, Saleh claimed that he is the caretaker of the president while calling for support from other leaders in the country.

“Clarity: As per the constitution of Afghanistan, in absence, escape, resignation, or death of the President the VFP becomes the caretaker President. I am currently inside my country & am the legitimate caretaker President. Am reaching out to all leaders to secure their support & consensus,” Saleh tweeted.

Ghani surprised Afghans by fleeing the country even after his defiance and vow not to bow to the Taliban.

Following news that Ghani had fled Afghanistan, Saleh said that he will never bow to the terrorists through a tweet.

“I will never, ever & under no circumstances bow to the Taliban terrorists. I will never betray the soul & legacy of my hero Ahmad Shah Masoud, the commander, the legend & the guide. I won’t disappoint millions who listened to me. I will never be under one ceiling with the Taliban. NEVER,” he wrote.

On Tuesday, the Taliban urged government officials to return to their work.

“A general amnesty has been declared for all so you should start your routine life with full confidence,” the Taliban said in a statement.

Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar has been speculated to be the likely leader of the country following the transition of power.

Many Afghans are desperate to flee the country with fear that the country might be thrown into a state of violence after the Taliban fighters took control.

The Taliban take-over comes just two weeks before the US completes the withdrawal of its troop after its operation in the country for 20 years.

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