The 198 years old woman who was fished out by captain smart and is currently the oldest human alive was once again seen in the studios of Onua TV on the Onua maakye morning show hosted by captain smart. But this time she put aside the history of Nkrumah as the conversation between her and captain smart was basically on her age.

Maame Amodzi confirmed she does everything on her own without the assistance of anybody including going to the farm at her age. This pushed the host captain smart to ask her the secret behind her being able to live for almost two centuries. The reply she gave was that she always try her best to do good to people.

This reply wasn’t convincing enough to captain smart so he further pushed her to tell him what is actually behind her old age. It was there that the 198 year old woman began to narrate her story.

She revealed she remember she was one day going to the farm with her elder siblings where they met an old man who was very old carrying a basket full of cassava and some harvest from his farm. As she wanted to go and help the old man with the load, her elder sisters told her not to go since the man may be a deity or ghost.

But according to her she didn’t pay heed to their warning as she went ahead to help the old man with the load to where his house was. And she revealed it was there that the man told her she will grow to become very old as a result of her kind heart and to confirm his words he drew a mark on the outer wall of his house that will serve as the mark of evidence to what she has told her.

She further revealed the old man died some few days after making this pronouncements, and to her surprise the mark he drew on the building is still there till now unerased. “So maybe I may die the day the mark is erased”, she humored.

She concluded by advising the youth not to disrespect any individual in this world whether young or old. And to do good to people no matter how difficult it may be.

The question still remains, is she really 198 years old looking at her appearance?

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