President for People with Albinism Ian Desmond Simbota has questioned the credibility of the Malawi Police Service (MPS) on its decision  to start investigations into the murder of a person with Albinism in Kachere Township.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera in a statement said that the police has instituted investigations into the murder of Ian Mahamba who is believed to have been killed by the unknown people between August 8-13.

Kadadzera then added that some body parts of Mahamba were found at Maoni Forest in Kachere area.

However, Simbota has described the Malawi Police a compromised group asking them why they have decided to start investigating now.

“Why should you investigate yourselves today when you secretly buried the body without letting the nation know? Who will even believe the results?” asked Simbota.

He continued; “Or is it because SADC summit has finished then it’s worth doing it now?”

The Malawi Police is yet to comment.

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