Zambian Self-Proclaimed Prophet, Ian Genesis Who Prophesied President Edgar Lungu’s Election Victory Has Approached The Courts Seeking Legal Counsel After Facing Backlash.

In a statement, Prophet Ian Genesis revealed that after facing physical harassment on social media, he and his wife decided to seek counsel from Lusaka High Court.

“My wife and I are currently at the Lusaka high court where we are waiting for our Lawyer who is in court right now. We want to seek legal counsel on the action to take over the physical harassment and abuse we are receiving at our home” Prophet Ian Genesis said.

The founder of the Charismatic Ministries International made headlines when he took to social media and boisterously claimed that God had told him that President Edgar Lungu was going to be reelected.

Prophet Genesis sensationally claimed that God had not permitted a change of government in Zambia. He said:

By Grace of and by the ministration of the holy spirit, in prayer and in supplication, the Lord has asked me to tell the nation of Zambia, that God in Heaven has not permitted a change of government in the August 2021 election.

“And the president that will rule this country in the next five years will come from the Patriotic Front. This is the word of the Lord, and it shall come to pass.

“My name is Prophet Ian Genesis and I approve this message in Jesus’ mighty name. Shalom. Edgar Chagwa Lungu shall be the president of Zambia in the next coming elections. God bless you. Shalom.”

However after, Edgar Lungu lost the elections to his rival opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema, the self-proclaimed man God backtracked on his prophecy and sensationally claimed that God changed his mind.

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