The rate of crimes and illegal production of harmful drinks and other fake products in south Africa is at it peak, several Reports has emerge about some group of Foreigners who were Arrested and their products confiscated by police officers, for producing fake and harmful products to the society, some of the products and food items produce by them is not certified by the government and it is therefore harmful for consumption due to the ingredients used in making them.

A south African man who left people in Bewilderment after posting images of two foreigners Nationals, from chinese who were caught producing Local made drinks using expire and Poisonous Substance, the south African man himself was astonished, by using the capture “foreigners at it again, this show that fake manufacturing of foods and drinks are mostly done by foreigners in south Africa, barley would you see a south African man selling fake drinks or food for people to eat, Which may cause problem to their body systems.

Looking at their facial appearances, One can easily identity their Nationality without the Help of a soothsayer.


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