Studies have revealed that even HIV positive people are fortunate at last. With the last rumours that were circulating the media the past few months, it was said that those with HIV are vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus.

It was said that they are the ones who fall more pray of it. But, today, the good news have reached our ears. Ones that will make those who are positive very much happy.

It is said that the COVID-19 vaccines are also effective in HIV positive people. It is said that those who are positive should take 3 jabs of the vaccine.

It is believed that with 3 jabs, one will be able to have an immune system response like that of people living without HIV.

So it is advisable for you if you are positive to opt in for the vaccination program to get vaccinated so that your immune system would get a boost.

But be warned, because there is a rumor circulating now about the vaccines, it is said that those who get vaccinated will die in two years time. Although it is not yet known how true this is. But if it is true then you should reconsider your choices.

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