We all know that sometimes we experience slowness in our android phone but some are massive. So here are 4 causes of slowness and freezing in android phone and how to deal with them.

1. Overload of apps

We all have apps that we love but did you know that if you have too many apps it will take over the phone’s ram space so it will be hardly for the phone to work in it normal way. So you should consider cleaning app cache or uninstall some of the apps.

2. Having low storage space

We all like to save pictures, videos and all other stuffs on our phone but sometimes they overtake our phones storage space so it decrease the normal function of the phone. So you should consider to delete some of these stuffs.

3. Out of date operating software

Sometimes we all ignore phone update but did you know that if you don’t update your phone it causes slowness and freezing. If you update your phone it help the phone to receive new operating software so that it can enhance the processes of the phone.

4. Getting too hot

If your phone get too hot because of ageing battery then it can slowness of the phone since it will heat up the motherboard in the phone and it will also heat up the ram chip in it.

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