A wedding ceremony in an Akwa Ibom church went off without a hitch until the bridegroom’s boss was summoned to speak about the couple’s specific circumstances.

The Manager, on the other hand, indicated that the church was no longer prepared to hear what was being said. That individual became an organization’s messenger. The bride fled to her heels when she heard that, leaving the person trapped inside the church.

Attempts to persuade the lady to change her mind about her choice were unsuccessful. “The Running Bride Cancelled Her Wedding After Finding Out Her Man Isn’t A Chevron Staff,” one eyewitness said.

On the morning of her wedding, the bride discovered that her soon-to-be husband was no longer genuinely a CHEVRON STAFF. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bad, oo, and several social media platforms all claimed he worked for Chevron, but the truth was discovered this morning.”

After exchanging countless Facebook messages, they began courting three months ago. Throughout, the individual identified himself as a Chevron employee, implying that he converted the woman’s targeting into income.

Source:Opera News

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