Billz, a Twitter user, criticizes women who forego romance in order to determine whether or not their lover actually loves them.

In a recent Twitter post, she explains this, and she is convinced that the boy will not hate them at that time. “Some girls may ask, ‘Do you really love me?’ How can he possibly dislike you at that point?” she wrote in the middle of a romance.

He recognizes what he’ll miss out on if he denies it at that time, therefore he’ll profess his love for her right away. All that matters to the girl on her path is that she does the right thing with the right person.

In most couples, the woman is the one who asks the most questions. They probe him with personal questions in an effort to discover more about him.

Unfortunately, some of them ask questions at inappropriate moments, causing the person to respond with a random response in order to avoid more disruption. To please and pacify her thinking, he may have to lie to her at times.

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