Minister of Sports Ulemu Msungama has accepted an apology from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey over her defamatory remarks made during campaign period.

The incident happened in 2017 during campaign period when Jeffrey had allegedly uttered defamatory words against Msungama.

In a video clip shown in court as evidence on Tuesday, Jeffrey is captured telling people not to vote for Msungama as he had ‘raped his own cousin’ and that the case was in court, among other things.

After playing the video, Jeffrey had to kneel down whilst crying, asking for forgiveness from Msungama and she asked for an out of court settlement which was granted by the court.

Writing on his official Facebook page Msungama accepted Jeffrey wa Jeffrey’s apology while warning but warned all politicians to refrain from insulting one another, all for political power.

“I am both happy and amuzed that the DPP Secretary General, with regards to her defamatory public utterances a few years ago, has issued a very emotional and physical apology today.

“The kneeling, weeping and leg holding in court this morning, while being quite dramatic, was in sync with the way we malawians show remorse when we are sincerely apologetic. As someone who myself was shown mercy by Christ to the extent of being born again, am a product of forgiveness, and I value mercy so much hence her apology today struck a chord within me,” wrote Msungama.

He added: “I hope that everything we heard and saw was sincere, but let me point out that one of the reasons I sought for court intervention in this matter was simply to teach us as politicians that crookedness, defamation, lies, bigotry and manipilation when we ascend to positions of influence is old school and retrogressive.

“Mother Malawi needs move on from archaic politics and move towards development and progressive thinking as often emphasized and highlighted by His Excellency Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera when he preaches about ‘the rule of law’. I strongly agree with H.E. and also believe that in the modern Malawi that we fought for, the politics of mediocrity should be allowed no space.”

Msungama has since hinted that the case is now in the hands of his lawyers who will be decided the way forward.

“The way forward in this matter is in the able hands of lawyers from both sides, but I believe that the lesson is learnt and this whole fiasco will at the end, bear good fruit,” he added.

Faceofmalawi will keep you updated on the matter.

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