In a disturbing incident, a jilted man murdered his ex-lover in cold blood before he went on to use her phone to call the police and relatives informing them about her death.

The woman (name not revealed) from Filabusi was reportedly axed to death on Thursday and her body was dumped in a bush behind Filabusi High School.

Confirming the tragic incident, Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena told the Sunday News that;

“I can confirm that a body was collected from a bush behind Filabusi High School but I haven’t received the full report from the local police station,” said Insp Mangena.

According to a source privy to the incident, the estranged couple had a long-standing dispute over paternity of their child.

After murdering her, the woman’s ex-lover is said to have told the relatives that they must not go and look for the body alone but seek police to accompany them.

When he called, he however, denied being involved in her death.

The call left the woman’s relatives puzzled with a lot of unanswered questions as they wondered how he knew his ex-girlfriend had died and the location of the body.

Meanwhile, when the police collected the body she was partially naked indicating she could have been raped first before being killed.

The man is still on the run, and though he informed the woman’s relatives and police that he was in Gwanda, efforts to locate him since the call have been fruitless.

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