Godfrey Baguma, 47, living in Bubaare, the city of Mbarara, Uganda, often called Ssebabi, is a Ugandan comedian and singer.

However, he was better known as the ugliest man in Uganda and even nicknamed “the ugliest man in the world” or “the alien” by netizens.

Mr. Ssebabi won the competition for the ugliest man in Uganda in 2002 and since then he has been a famous figure. Before that, Mr. Ssebabi was just a poor shoe polisher.

After getting popular, he started to take part in entertainment activities to add to his income. He surprised everyone with his beguiling voice. Aside from that, Mr. Ssebabi also appeared in the “Body Bizarre” and a number of other TV series.

Because of an innate symptom, Mr. Ssebabi got a short appearance while the face got abnormal structures that make him scary. The family so poor, Ssebabi got no treatment earlier, so his face became worse.

Since a child, Ssebabi lost his parents and siblings, so he does not have any memory of them. The only support he could get was from a few neighbors.

Ssebabi started polishing shoes for many at the age of 15. When he sang many girls started noticing him and forgot all about his appearance. Since then, Ssebabi got more confident about himself.

When Ssebabi’s 20 years old, a relative introduced him to a 25-year-old and they soon got married. After 7 years in marriage with 2 kids, they, unfortunately, parted ways as Ssebabi spotted his wife cheating with another man.

After that, Ssebabi married the second wife, the 30-year-old Kate Namanda. The couple had 6 children but it seemed not to be a happy family either. Luckily, all of his 8 children are sound and whole.

Off from media for a while, Ssebabi took the media by storm with his comeback announcing his third marriage with an unidentified woman in September 2020. Photos uploaded by Moch News on 4 September 2020, groom Ssebabi put on a well-dressed suit, holding his bride’s hand with relatives and friends cheering and blessing for their love.

Noticeably, the bride’s beauty attracted the most attention. Though unidentified, the woman is totally normal and pretty beautiful. Photos of their marriage have been spread widely on social media since then. Netizens left many comments. Some are surprised by the appearance dissimilarity while others wish the best for the couple.

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