Isaac Opoku, a young man, was arrested at Ejisu Kranpa for reportedly trying to have sekz with his male companion.

Opoku, who was probed in a viral video posted online, is a Ghanaian native who was paying his paying a visit to a friend he met just three months ago at his home in Ejisu Kranpa.

It was claimed that after his friend walked out of the room to bring him some water, he returned to see Opoku without his pants. He was completely naked. He apparently then tried to force himself on the friend but was defeated.

Opoku was later arrested after being reported to authorities.


In other news, Patrick Markson, 46, killed himself in Bayelsa State after reportedly killing his 35-year-old wife, Hannah.

The event occurred in the early hours of Thursday, August 26 on Odede Street, Tombia-Amassoma Road, Yenagoa, the state capital.

According to witnesses, the man, who is supposed to be a Yenagoa Local Government employee, allegedly battered his wife to death with a sledgehammer in her sleep, and she died.

He was reported to have watched the woman bleed to death before drinking a deadly chemical that was later identified as an insecticide and dying next to the bleeding remains.

According to reports, the couple, who had six children together, had been having marital problems before the terrible tragedy.

The dispute, according to Vanguard, is over money earned through a contract given to the husband by some members of his wife’s family.

A woman close to the deceased woman told the publication that she was nice and didn’t have time for fights.

“Yesterday, we were frying gari, and the husband called me that he wanted to speak with my sister if we were together. I told him that when I get to where she was, I will pass the message. On reaching her, I told her and immediately we tried reaching him but we couldn’t,” the woman narrated.

“Later he called again, but I had left where she was so he told me to tell her to bring gari for home use. This morning (Thursday), the son called me that the mum was seen dead and he wants me to come

“As I was going to the house, I called him and ask of the dad and he told me the dad too was dead. So when I got to their house I went straight to the room and saw them both lying on the bed dead. But I noticed a can of poison by the bed and a big hammer.”

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