Controversial Nigerian prophet Andrew Ejimadu popularly known as Seer 1 by his followers has come after is fellow prophets who are prophesying ill things about Zambia’s new president Hakainde Hichilema.

According to Seer 1, those who are saying Hichilema will not finish his term as president of Zambia will be put to shame as Hichilema will rule Zambia for ten years and will come out alive.

“For those Prophets speaking evil, death and disaster, forget it, it won’t happen. HH will rule Zambia for 10 years and he will come out alive. Everything is under control. Stop prophesying rubbish,” He said.

The self styled man of God added that Hichilema was called a Satanist by a lot of people in the former ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

“President HH was called a Satanist by many PF members and Bishop Chomba the Permanent secretary for energy and water ministries who happened to be my follower when I was in Zambia as you can see at different occasions in these pictures,” he said.

He further alleges that the PF government took advantage of his large following in Zambia to DE campaign Hichilema.

Seer 1 then questions if the appointments that have been made by Hichilema in the few days he has been in office illustrate any form of Satanism.

According to Seer 1, with Hichilema, Zambia is heading towards unity and healing, adding that a lot will happen once Hichilema settles down.

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