Merlyn Kelly, a 39-year-old registered nurse from Tampa, Florida, had been charged on several counts after tying up her boyfriend and sewing his foreskin together using surgical tools she stole from the hospital.

Kelly accused her 38-year-old boyfriend, Steve, of infidelity and giving her several STIs. She claims he sleeps with different women in her apartment while she is at work, and he doesn’t bother using a condom. Steve, who is now homeless, is recovering from the horror of having to pee inside his foreskin. Kelly had sealed it tight because she folded the foreskin before sewing it.

Steve said she had anesthesia, and it looked like she initially wanted to administer it on him, but she changed her mind and told him he deserves the pain. “I tried to scream, but she shoved a sock in my mouth and put duct tape over it. When she was done with the surgery, she went to sleep as usual and left me on the chair tied up. I must have passed out cause I woke up at around 7 am on the floor still tied with a bladder full of pee. When I attempted to pee, I felt pee filling up my foreskin, and I screamed as loud as I can.”

The downstairs neighbor who rescued Steve said she saw Kelly going to work as usual, and 30 minutes later, Someone was banging on her roof. “I want to unsee what I saw. His penis tip was like a balloon. He asked me to poke a hole on it so he could finish peeing, but I couldn’t. So I just called 911, and then I went to see my therapist. I am still traumatized.”

The police arrested Kelly at work. And to her, it was business as usual. Officer William Folly says she did not show any remorse, and she said if she can get another chance, she would even saw his mouth shut to stop him from telling women lies before giving them all kinds of STIs.

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